American Chop Suey

Adapted from Lauren’s Kitchen, who found it on A Year of Slow Cooking

I’m not really sure why this recipe is called American Chop Suey. Another name for it could be beef and macaroni. Well, whatever you want to call it, it tastes pretty good! Once again, I needed a convenient crockpot recipe using ingredients I already had in my pantry (don’t you love those?), and this one came to the rescue!

This easily makes about 7 servings. I made this recipe on Sunday and immediately packaged it up for lunches during the week. It heats up really well and was a huge time saver. I’ll be doing the same thing this coming week with black beans and rice.

American Chop Suey

1 lb. ground beef
1 large onion, diced
14.5 oz. can tomatoes, undrained
1 can of water (use empty tomato can)
6 garlic cloves, chopped
1/2 tsp. Italian seasoning
26 oz. jar pasta sauce
16 oz. box elbow macaroni, uncooked

In a large skillet, brown ground beef and onion until fully cooked. Plop the beef and onion into your crockpot, and add all other ingredients except the pasta. Stir to combine. Cook on low for 6-8 hours or high for 4 hours. At end of cook time, add the uncooked macaroni and stir well. Cook on high for about 30 minutes. Serve topped with shredded cheese if desired, and enjoy!

Love garlic? Check out the ingredient spotlight at Eat at Home

Love pasta? Me too.



  1. Tamara said

    Hi there!

    This recipe looks good and easy. Thanks for sharing. I noticed in the picture of the dish it looks like there is plastic lining there. Do you line your Crockpot with plastic? If so, I bet that really makes clean a breeze. Do you do this with all your dishes? What is the liner called and where can I find it?

    • crockpottuesdays said

      Hi Tamara. I almost mentioned something about the crockpot liners in my post in case anyone noticed it! They are Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners, and I use them with almost every crockpot recipe, unless I can tell that it’s not going to be very messy. It makes clean up so much easier! In my area, I have found these bags to be cheapest at Target — they are $1.87 for a box of four — but they should sell them at almost any grocery store. They should be in the aisle near the plastic sandwich bags!

      Here is a link to their website:

      • Tamara said

        Thanks Tricia! I’m running to the store this weekend to get some! They will really help me out! 🙂

  2. Nicole, RD said

    I’ve always wanted to try an American Chop Suey. It just sounds so fun! And good!

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  5. Ann said

    do NOT let the macaroni cook one second longer than the recipe says…. pure mush…..

  6. Joanne said

    Delish, I added a bell pepper diced

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