BBQ Beef Sandwiches

I bought a 3-pound chuck roast a week or two ago when it was on sale, and I’ve been looking for a good recipe to use it in. When I came across these sandwiches on 365 Days of Slow Cooking, I knew exactly what I’d be making!

Rick and I both LOVE these bbq pulled pork sandwiches, but I thought it would be fun to try bbq beef for a change. While we still prefer the pulled pork, these sandwiches were great as well! I love cooking meat in the crockpot — it always comes out so tender and delicious!

3 lb. chuck roast
1 cup water
2 beef bouillon cubes
15 oz. can tomato sauce
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup ketchup
1/4 cup mustard
1 tbsp. minced onion
about 1/4 tsp. Worcestershire sauce

Place roast in your crockpot, and add 1 cup water and the bouillon cubes. Cook on low for 6 hours.

Remove meat from crockpot and shred. Retain about 1/2 cup of juice from the crockpot, but dump the rest.

Put the shredded meat back in the crockpot, and add the rest of the ingredients, including the 1/2 cup of retained juice. Stir well.  

Cook on low for another 3-4 hours. Serve on buns, and enjoy!



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