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Menu: June 1-5


I can’t believe it’s June already! Wow.

Monday: Taco bake

Tuesday: Rachel Ray’s lemon spaghetti

Wednesday: Salsa Chicken 

Thursday: Sloppy joe pizza w/oven fries 

Friday: Hamburger pie

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Tricia’s tomato sauce


I am so proud of this recipe! I looked off of a recipe on for the basic how-to, but I changed around the ingredients enough that I feel confident in calling it my own! And for the record, this is the first recipe I’ve created on my own, so I am thrilled. Plus, it tastes great, too!

I had quite a bit of tomato puree and tomato paste left over from a recipe earlier in the week, so I made this tomato sauce to use it up.


1 tbsp. olive oil
5 cloves garlic, minced (we really like garlic)
3 – 3 1/2 tbsp. tomato paste
14 ounce can diced tomatoes, undrained (I used Hunt’s seasoned with garlic, oregano and basil)
about 20 ounces of tomato puree (it’s all I had left of the 28 ounce can)
1/4 tsp. black pepper
1/4 tsp. salt
1 tsp. dried basil
1/2 tsp. Italian seasoning
1/2 tstp. white sugar 

Heat the olive oil in a medium saucepan and saute garlic.

Combine all ingredients in crockpot and stir. Cook on low for 3 hours.

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Mexican Casserole


I found this recipe on the Bob Evans Web site. I love breakfast sausage, so if there’s a a recipe where the sausage is the main ingredient, then I’m all for it. Rick and I were pleasantly surprised with how this turned out — it was better than we expected! The sausage and green chilies added a nice kick. We served with a side of tortilla chips for dipping!


1 lb. breakfast sausage (I  used zesty hot)
3/4 cup cornmeal
1 1/2 cups milk
1 egg
1 can diced tomatoes and green chilies
1 cup frozen corn
1 package taco seasoning mix
1 cup shredded cheese (optional — I’ve omitted this the past several times I’ve made it)

In medium skillet, crumble and cook sausage until brown. Put sausage in crockpot.

In small bowl, combine cornmeal, milk and egg. Stir mixture into sausage. Add tomatoes, corn and seasoning mix, stirring well. Cook on low for 4-6 hours.

About 5 minutes before serving, top with cheese. Recover until cheese is melted, then serve!

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Menu: May 25-29

Sunday: Mexican casserole
Monday: Spaghetti w/Tricia’s tomato sauce
Tuesday: French Dip w/pasta side
Wednesday: Leftover French Dip
Thursday: Meatball subs
Friday: Chili Dog Casserole

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Beef Paprikash


I found this recipe while surfing the McCormick Web site. Surprisingly, the site had several good recipes that I plan to make sometime! This, however, sounded the best, so it comes first!

If I had my way, I’d live off of casseroles, pasta dishes, and maybe a few chicken dishes thrown in. But (and there’s always a but) Rick does like steak and beef sometimes, so I’m making a point to try out recipes that he might like, and not just those that are at the top of my list. I thought this recipe would be something he would like, and it sounded good to me, too. Perfect!

We both really liked this recipe. I called Rick while I was driving home from work to ask how it looked, and he said “Anything that smells this good has to taste great!” And he was right! I definitely recommend that you try this!

2.5 pounds boneless beef chuck, cut into 1-inch cubes
1 cup onion, chopped
1 cup green pepper, chopped
1 package beef stroganoff seasoning
1 cup water
3 tablespoons tomato paste
1 tablespoon paprika
1 cup sour cream

Place beef, onion and green pepper in crockpot. Mix water, seasoning, tomato paste and paprika until blended. Pour over meat and veggies. Stir to coat well.

Cook on low for 8 hours or high for 4 hours.

At end of cook time, mix in sour cream. Continue to cook on low for 10 minutes, or until heated through. Serve over rice or egg noodles.

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Menu: May 18-22

I was on vacation from work this past week, and therefore, vacation from cooking. It was nice to have a break (especially from work), but now I’m excited to get back in the kitchen!

Monday: Laughing cow stuffed chicken
Tuesday: Beef Paprikash over rice
Wednesday: Leftover beef paprikash
Thursday: Pasta alla vodka
Friday: Turkey chimichangas

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Pizza potatoes


I found this recipe from the Fix It and Forget It cookbook that my mom got me for Christmas. (Thanks, Mom!) When I was planning the menu for this week, I thought it sounded delicious. However, when it came time to make it this morning, I was a little worried. But at dinner tonight, I was happy to see that I had no need to worry. This was great! Rick really liked it, too. Next time around, we might play with some different additions, such as sausage or mushrooms. We’ll definitely be making this meal again!

6 medium potatoes, sliced
1 large onion, sliced
2 tbsp. olive oil (I know the picture shows EVOO, but I used olive oil)
2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
8 oz. jar pizza sauce
3 oz. pepperoni slices
1 tsp. salt

Saute potatoes and onions in the olive oil until onions appear transparent. Drain well and add to crockpot. Mix in pepperoni, cheese and salt. Cover with pizza sauce. Cook on low for 6-10 hours until potatoes are tender. We cooked ours for 8 hours and it was just right!

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Menu May 4-8

Monday: Swiss casserole chicken
Tuesday: Bacon and tomato pasta
Wednesday: Pizza potatoes
Thursday: TBD … I’m on to plan B. I didn’t have as many chicken breasts as I thought!
Friday: Loaded baked potato soup

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